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A (very) stupid man

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Everybody is shocked (and it’s good they are) with the words spoken by an ignorant member of the European parliament creator and elected by the extreme right Polish, libertarian and Eurosceptic political party Coalition for the Renewal of the Republic – Liberty and Hope (KORWiN). His name Janusz Ryszard Korwin-Mikke.

Nevertheless, I was listening to him and thinking how stupid can a Polish still be. He was talking about the position of women in the physics Olympiad, claiming that the first Polish girl running for this contest was classified in the 800th position. Well, at least he is right in one thing – knowing physics is a synonym of intelligence and brightness of mind. And, of course, I am the right person to testify it; after all I am a physics teacher (please, do not forget to read sarcasm in this).

Coming back to what really matters. I was thinking how stupid can someone be. I remembered a Polish woman, stupid, of course, just like any other woman, called Marie. She was born in 1867 in, what was then the capital of the kingdom of Poland, Warsaw. In 1891 she left Poland for France. She wanted to study in a university, but women were not allowed to do it in her country. So, she went to Paris, she enrolled in the Université Paris-Sorbonne in that same year and she completed her studies in physics, chemistry and maths, there.

Even though she became a French citizen, Marie never lost her sense of Polish identity. She even taught her daughters the Polish language and took them on visits to Poland.

Marie did a few more things in the field of science, namely in physics and chemistry. Beside have coined the word radioactivity, she won a Nobel prize for physics in 1903 and a Nobel prize for chemistry in 1911. She was the first person to win or share two Nobel Prizes and remains, alone with Linus Pauling, as Nobel laureates in two fields each.

Her name, you’re already guessing, is Marie Skłodowska Curie: a perfect example of how stupid a woman can be.

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