Orlando Figueiredo

Between the World and Me

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Happy 2017

Lowest Moments

d_watkins_art Aaron Maybin- The Beast Side

Sean Said, When People Lie To You, We Should Not Lie Back, Just Relax And Lay Back, The Truth it Always Come Around, And Will Bite Your Ass, That’s The Boomerang EffectBouncing Back, Everything You Say Behind My Back, Will Always Find a Way To Return Back To Me, IDon’t Care! I’m an #UncommonBreed, Running Through The Speed Force, That’s Another Plane Of Time,Always Trying To Reinforce, Learn To Talk in Morse, Baby Steps in To Html Source, Need Some Space-Time in My Time-Zone.

Lately i Can’t Sleep, i Keep Waking While i’m Dreaming, is Like Living Another Life With no Beginning.

Everything We Possess in Time Will Possess us, This Life is Not a Easy One, People Make To Much Fuss, They Don’t Have The Knowledge

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Autor: Orlando Figueiredo

| Professor | Investigador | Ecologista | Ativista | Aprendente do mundo |

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